New desgn coming very soon

Im going to re-design my website, this design is kind of boring so stay tuned.

Plans for 2012

Just to be organized i will write down every plan i have and i will talk a little bit about them.
-Promote Myself
I just started with this website and my YouTube channel, in this year im really looking forward to promote it.
-Start earning money with that website and YouTube
Im still student so i cant really work, but with your help i can make some money, first i hope i can make money to buy some gear for youtube videos. Its not all about making money, i really do enjoy what i do but i still need to make some money to get going.
-Study Better
As i said im student, in 2011 i really wasn't a good student. My grades were bad, i barely made it with positive grades. Well, form now on i try to study more, try to live without worryng always about school.

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

Here's my first video i uploaded on this channel. Sorry it's not HD.

My YouTube Channel

I made youtube channel(Click here) !
On this channel im going to do some gameplays, for now only on computer because i don't have HD PVR yet.
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Grand Theft auto 3 for iPhone/iPad

To celebrate 10th year of Gta 3 Rockstar games launched gta 3 for iphone and ipad. You can download this game for 4.99 Dollars. Let's hope next they make gta vice city for iPhone!